VMP Varamiespalvelu – Who we are

VMP Varamiespalvelu is one of Finland’s leading staffing service companies and we operate as a franchise all around the country. We have developed the field for over 30 years now, and staff leasing and job recruitment in all fields comprise our core competence. 

Having started as a family business, VMP Varamiespalvelu is now VMP Group and listed on the First North stock exchange in June, 2018. VMP Group is a Finnish company offering comprehensive services in leasing staff, recruitment, organizational development and self-employment. Measured in turnover, the company is one of Finland’s leading companies in staffing services. VMP’s mission is to help companies and people to succeed in an ever-changing working world.


  • Varamiespalvelu-Yhtiöt was established in 1988.
  • 3,000 company clients and 13,000 employee clients each year
  • Branches in 38 municipalities around Finland
  • The turnover for entire franchising chain was EUR 178 million in 2017.


The goal of VMP Varamiespalvelu has always been to employ people responsibly. The collective labor agreements in force in Finland are always observed in relation to the employees leased through VMP Varamiespalvelu. We collaborate with trade unions and abide by the laws and collective labor agreements in all of our operations. We are an incorporated company and a member of Service Sector Employers Palta, the second largest employers’ association in the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), and Suomen Franchising-Yhdistys association.  

Hyvä työpaikka – osaavaa rekrytointia authorization (a good place to work – experts in recruitment)

Our company has been authorized by the Private Employment Agencies’ Association HPL. Authorized companies are committed to abiding by the authorization regulations and operating responsibly in uniting work with workers. See http://www.hpl.fi/

A responsible partner

The staffing services companies that belong to the VMP Varamiespalvelu chain are registered in the tilaajavastuu.fi service. We encourage our company clients to abide by the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out, for the good of both the company and the employer: www.tilaajavastuu.fi

Diversity Charter network

We are committed to diversity in our operations, abiding by the Diversity Charter Finland and building a network of diversity in Finland. See http://www.fibsry.fi/fi/english/services/diversity-charter-finland