Why VMP?

Some of the job positions at VMP are filled with applicants already in our database, that is, without advertising the open positions publically. When a new job position opens up, VMP first looks for suitable applicants in the applicant database, which contains applicants who have already submitted a job application to VMP. So, it’s certainly worthwhile filling out an application even if a job corresponding to your wishes is not available at the moment.

Lookin for a job? We’ve got one for you!

We offer full-time, part-time, assignments, nine-to-fives and shift-work! Fill out an application with us and flexible job opportunities will be at your fingertips. You can just as well work part-time or full-time, gain work experience or try something completely different.

We have the pleasure of offering work and sustenance to more than 13,000 people each year.

We’re probably always around the corner

We operate in 38 municipalities around Finland, from the southern tip of the country all the way to Lapland. Therefore, we get to know our employees locally in our offices.
With just one application, you have access to the jobs offered at our fleet of 3,000 client companinies.

Staff leasing

We function as your employer and your wages are always according to the collective labor agreements at the least, and, together, we negotiate your wages for each job separately. You decide for yourself whether to accept the offered job. As a responsible employer, we take care of all the expenses associated with your job, such as insurance, social security and holiday compensation.
Did you know that 20 % of our leased staff is employed permanently?


We are constantly making permanent recruitments for different jobs in different fields. Jobs may include, for example, shop manager, foreman, chef, financial specialist or production worker. We do the recruiting, but our client company is your employer. The recruiting process may include interviews by us and our client as well as suitability assessments and tests.
As a job applicant, you are taken into consideration when it comes to filling permanent positions. 

Development of expertise

We constantly train our employees and provide job orientation in the rules and regulations of the working world and the basic issues involved in different fields. We offer various training sessions where you can further your know-how or take the first steps in working in a certain field. We offer employee training in cooperation with experts.
The employee’s attitude and right kind of motivation towards the job are decisivly important.

Get paid at the time you need it

For a separate fee, we offer our employees the opportunity to receive pay before the actual payday. 
We offer the opportunity to receive your wages as early as the next day.

VMP is your path to employment!

Eleven Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) from around Finland chose VMP as a service partner for unemployed job applicants. In the future, VMP will be offering its entire network, covering the entire country, for use by TE Services. VMP Group has nearly 30 years of diverse experience in the field of staffing services and direct contact with companies and real jobs in various areas.

Are you interested? For more information, contact the TE Services nearest you!