International staffing solutions


Don’t limit your search for the right professionals to just Finland. Eezy VMP offers professionals from different parts of Europe to work in many different fields. We provide our clients with international employees mainly in the fields of construction, the food industry and the metal industry, but we can also provide seasonal employees for various other fields.  

Eezy VMP has branches in Estonia and Romania, and we interview the prospective employees before they travel to Finland. This way, we can make sure beforehand that they possess the needed skills and motivation.

We will take care of all the practical matters, from integrating the employees in the municipality to drawing up the employment contract and paying their wages. We ensure that Finland’s labor laws are observed in all activities. The international employees’ wages are paid to Finnish bank accounts and they pay their taxes to Finland.

Talent development

What is a business without a skilled staff? The changes taking place in the working world and the business environment place companies in a new type of situation. How can I keep my staff’s skills up to date? How can I build the expertise in my company to answer to the changing market situation?

Talent development and management call for a plan and concrete actions. We will plan coaching and training solutions to suit the needs of your company and execute them with carefully selected partners. This way, we can ensure you receive help that answers to the needs and situation of your company. 


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How can I support talent development through appropriate orientation? Read what Anna-Sofia Knuuttila, VMP’s pedagogic expert, has to say about it. 



Are you familiar with a situation where you use your time for things other than your core business operations and business development? Oftentimes, various administrative activities, such as HR, payroll and management, take up a lot of time and keep you from concentrating on what’s most important – developing your business. 


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Use your time sensibly and concentrate on your own work. We will help you handle other matters.


Develop the procedures and processes in your company. VMP will help your company organize work better.


With HR Consultation Services, you can increase efficiency and achieve cost savings.

Would you like to hear more? Whatever your needs, Eezy VMP will help and you can concentrate on your core business.