VMP helps companies succeed in an ever-changing working world

As the working world changes, challenges concerning flexibility and assurance of expertise arise. It is our duty to offer our clients flexible solutions for developing their business. 

VMP is your diverse, nationwide staffing partner.

With the help of our staff leasing, recruitment and HR expert services, you can support your company’s growth and development and guarantee your company’s competitive edge in the future as well. VMP has the most extensive service network and we operate in 38 different municipalities.

Where can I find a leased employee for a day? Where can I find the best professionals? How can I develop my staff’s talent? Whatever your needs, VMP will help and you can concentrate on your core business operations.

Take that step and contact us, and we’ll talk more about how we can help your company.

VMP is reliable staffing service partner

company clients
we operate nationwide in
38 different municipalities
we employ nearly
 13000 people each year

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