VMP Group

What is VMP?

  • VMP is a Finnish company that specialises in producing responsible personnel services in the European area and enhancing the competitiveness of companies.
  • VMP is a reliable and sought-after partner to our customers and other stakeholders with some of the most outstanding professionals of the industry in our employment.
  • VMP works and is visible under the VMP brand.

What does VMP do?

  • VMP is a personnel services company with a responsible attitude. We are pioneers of our field, bringing resources to where they are needed.
  • We are creative and develop and put together services that help companies to succeed.
  • We at VMP are not satisfied with compliance with legislation but always strive to produce personnel services responsibly and from an ethically sound basis.
  • We aim to set an example in personnel issues.

How does VMP work?

  • We are versatile experts of personnel services.
  • We are a responsible partner valued by our customers.
  • We continuously develop our services and operative skills.
  • The employees are our major resource. We help them to succeed, build up their own resources and develop into the best professionals of their field.
  • We have convincing credentials as proof of our expertise.
  • We are developing into an international business.


Balance Consulting, the analysis unit of Kauppalehti Oy, hereby grants Achiever status to VMP Group (Suomen Varamiespalvelu Oy) for its financial performance. Companies receiving Achiever certification are stable businesses with solid growth, good financial results and profitability, a strong financial structure and liquidity to ensure continued operation.

A comparison of these key indicators has put VMP in the top tier of its own industry and the entire country. The comparison was made on the basis of financial statement data from December 2011.

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