VMP works for the benefit of young people

Supporting young people is important to us and it is an activity in accordance with our values. We want to be involved in helping young people in the transition to working life. Often we offer them the first real job, a gateway to working life.

Our role as youth employment provider is strong; with more than 40 percent of our employees under 25 years of age. Each year through us, more than 6000 young people work in our client companies.

We are one of the main sponsors in the project Nuorten hyväksi (For the benefit of Youth) by Tukikummit Foundation and MTV Oy*. The aim of this cooperation is to prevent marginalisation of young people. We trust that this project will contribute to more good news to be reported in Finland in the future.

*The most popular commercial TV-channel in Finland.


International personnel solutions – resources for the future

The retirement of people from the baby boom era will lead to a need for labor in the near future because domestic labor will not be able to answer to the challenge the mass retirement will cause.

Indeed we have already begun to recruit foreign labor to Finland, responsibly, through a well-functioning program.

We apply Finnish collective labor agreements to all of the employment relationships with foreigners who enter the country. They also receive social security from a Finnish accident and retirement insurance company. We ensure that employees receive job orientation and training, and we offer quality assistance in issues concerning living, healthcare and other practical matters. In short, we abide by strict ethical and moral principles when recruiting Finns with an immigrant background as well.

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